To every professional in cooking facility and food business

We are Japanese professional kitchen appliance brand who is keen to develop products understanding the real needs and wants in globalizing cooking circumstances. We merge Japanese craftsmanship, passion, and technology to make Chefs’ commitment to the best happen.

  • Innovative technology “Magnet Gear”*patent pending

    Avoid breakdown from leaking processed liquid or water to the motor

    Conducting high power of induction motor through magnetic force is our own technology. Since the rotary shaft is not connected to the motor directly, we succeeded tremendously to reduce the damage to the motor by such leakage, and because of its structure also, processing food can be protected from rising heat of rotating motor, which affects the quality of dishes consequently.

  • Craftsmanship of Japanese Meister

    Inherited knowledge and technique makes the cutting result sharp and beautiful ever.

    “Masahiro” is one of the top brands of Japanese traditional kitchen knives. It's located in Seki City, originated in Japanese traditional sword district and well known worldwide for the top notch quality of knives, as well as Solingen in Germany. After many tries and errors, we finally came to the special blade which fits to our food processor. To make this happen, each chopping and slicing blade is made by hand. The grinding disk is made in Tsubamesanjo City, also quite historically famous for metal kitchen tools. Here again, the inherited knowledge makes more values which you will know once you use it.


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